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General Bra Fit Information

Every woman should get to have that "Pretty Woman" shopping experience especially when it comes to intimate apparel. Every woman deserves the chance to feel good about her body and herself. Something as simple as a bra that fits properly can change a woman completely, giving her the presence and confidence to move through the world successfully.

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In-Store Bra Fitting

Our highly trained bra fitters and knowledgeable sales staff have served the bra sizing needs of Maryland, Virginia and greater Washington, DC area women since 2004. Our Boutique was designed by women, for women as a unique and welcoming place to shop for intimate apparel.

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How to Measure Yourself for a Bra

There are lots of "bra fit formulas" floating around the internet but it is important to understand that the formula is only a general trend and not an exact science. If you do choose to use a formula , you can read our suggestion on the formula to use.

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Bra Size Chart (US, UK, FR, etc.)

Long ago, a la mode decided that there were too many sizing models and so we decided to convert all of our size into US sizing. You can view the sizing chart to better understand the sizing converions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We tend to hear the same questions being asked over and over again at our stores, so we have put together a list of those questions and how we answer them.

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Bra Fitting Videos