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Our Mission

The à la mode aesthetic is soft and spa like, with soft background music playing to soothe the soul, and the faint smell of Vanilla and fresh flowers to enhance the senses. Just enough to be welcoming without being overwhelming. We offer light refreshments and engage every customer with a brief introduction to our boutique.  We make sure that our boutique looks full of product, is warm and inviting, but not cluttered.  We display our more current fashion styles and colors prominently, so customers can quickly and easily see what is fresh and new.  We want our customers to want to stay, visit, and shop with us. 

Another guiding principle for à la mode is making it easy and convenient to shop with us.  We understand that customers shop in a multitude of different ways nowadays, and we want to make it as convenient as possible.  We want to meet our customers where they want to shop and how they want to shop.  We provide in-store shopping experiences at our two physical boutiques in Annapolis, MD and Baltimore, MD, and we offer free shipping on all orders placed over the phone or through our company website at www.alamodeintimates.com.  We even sell products on Amazon when vendors allow it.

a la mode Intimates success has been built on providing expert bra fitting services, high quality products, and offering a deep inventory that features over 100+ sizes. Most lingerie stores carry a few bras in a few sizes, and in material and fabric that is stretchy so it can fit women of many sizes and shapes. à la Mode Intimates, by contrast, carries bras in more shapes and sizes to fit the women’s body, offering her more support and comfort.  We offer a variety of price points so that new customers never feel like great fit and high quality are out of reach. We highlight the design features of all our products and expand the consumer’s appreciation for all the hard work and craftsmanship and artistry that goes into the making of a bra.

We carefully select styles and brands that not only offer exceptional fit, but also exquisite detail. We are always in search of great styles, good prices, quality, and functionality.  We have strong relationships with our key vendors and work with the brand representatives to make sure we have the best products for our customers. We travel to tradeshows, including New York, LA and even occasionally Paris, France, to see products in person and speak with our brands as to what trends are emerging.  We then bring that information back with us to help us make better purchasing decisions and to convey that information to our staff members to make sure they are fully educated on the new styles and brands that will be arriving in our stores.

à la mode prides itself on serving all women with the best customer service and products, but also giving back to the community. We are involved in several charities and community awareness projects.   Twice a year, à la mode runs a ‘Dead Bras’ promotion where we accept older bras in exchange for a credit toward the purchase of a new bra.  We then take those ‘Dead Bras’ and go through them to determine which older bras are still acceptable to donate to local charities and which are completely dead and need to be retired back to a fabric recycling facility.  We also work together with board certified lactation consultants and nurses, doctors and surgeons who perform breast augmentations and breast reductions, as well as other local medical professionals to address the total body needs of women faced with various struggles and joys. All of these pairing’s help educate women about the importance and benefits of wearing a properly fitting bra at every stage for her life.

à la mode has been recognized many times over the years from small regional awards, to being nominated several times nationally for ‘Best of Intima’ Shop Awards, being a finalist in the ‘Best of Intima’ Shop Awards several times since 2005, and winning the ‘Best of Intima’ Shop Award in 2018 for European Flair. But the greatest praise is the sentiments our happy customers often share with us.