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Our Process

We would bet that everyone has heard a woman (spouse, sister, friend) complain about her foundations being uncomfortable, and not fitting properly. A proper fitting can break the cycle of painful self-consciousness, remove the awkwardness so many women privately feel about their breasts and their bras. Lots of stores offer a “bra fitting” service, and if all you want is someone to take some measurements and guess at your bra size, you will not get the proper fit.  But if you want someone with experience and understanding about all the different types, shapes, and styles of bras, you want a certified bra fitter from à la mode Intimates.


This serious commitment to training has made à la mode Intimates a unique and special place - so much so that we regularly get referrals from other intimate apparel stores, bridal stores, lactation consultants, hospitals, and physical therapists.  Our mission is to ensure every woman is properly fitted in a comfortable, supportive, yet fashionable bra. In order to serve all women, à la mode offers a vast size range ranging from 28 to 44 in the band size and AA to K in cup size, including a good selection in hard to find sizes like 32D, 32DD, 34D, 34DD, 34FF, 36DD, 36G, 40DD and more. 


Before being able to fit our clients, our sales staff must start with an intensive bra fitting course designed to meet the basic needs of everyday women.  They must complete a written exam, a series of assisted bra fittings with examples before they receive their first Formal Certification. The certification process is handled by a third-party organization where fitters can be denied certification if the reviewers feel they have not demonstrated a clear and accurate understanding of the processes involved. We also use online bra fit instruction and exams which some of our vendors have established. Our employees are considered “certified bra fitters” when they have passed all of these different tests and then they may begin fitting our clients for everyday bras.

Being a bra fitter is a constant learning process and our certified bra fitters continue to work one-on-one with our different bra brands and the respective brand fit consultants to understand the unique benefits of that particular brand such as petite frame with full bust or full frame with petite bust, specialty bras for nursing, features unique to athletic bras or how to address the fit needs of augmented women. We teach our fitters about each brand we carry, though not all offer a certificate of training. We have worked over the years to find the bra brands most committed to proper fit and fit education and encourage all our fitters to research, discuss and learn about all aspects of bra fitting. Our fitters continue to grow their fit knowledge and complete additional training programs both in house and through our vendors’ bra fit programs for the entirety of their career with à la mode.

Give a woman a tape measure and she can call herself a “bra fitter”; teach a woman to fit each unique person and she never needs that tape measure. Most stores sell bras to fit the measurements but we sell bras to fit the woman.

Our Boutiques were designed by women, for women as a unique and welcoming place to shop for intimate apparel, romantic gifts and the perfect fitting bra. We understand that bra shopping can be overwhelming and intimidating, but at à la mode we listen to our clients and guide them to the styles and items that fit their bodies and their lives.