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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all bras fit the same?

No. Each bra style has a unique shape and fit even though the size on the tag might read the same. Generally bras from the same manufacturer will have similarities in the way they fit but even within one brand there might be several unique shapes and styles. For example a full-cup bra often has more room in the cup than a similar style in a balcony cut, generally about one cup size. Minimizer Bras also tend to hold more tissue than the size label might indicate, although if this is the only type of bra you've ever worn you would simply assume that the size listed is "your size". The key is to compare the fit and sizing of potential bras to the fit of your current bras. For bra sizing questions feel free to contact a la mode's bra fit professionals at info@alamodeintimates.com.

How Do I know What Size Bra I should Wear?

The best way to determine proper bra size is to be fit by a professional bra fitter at a specialty shop with a wide range of sizes and styles. If you can't make it to a bra fitter, you can follow the measuring guidelines found under our How To Measure Yourself. Taking your own measurements will give you a general idea of your proper bra size but will also require some trial and error to find the perfect bra style for your unique shape and personal preferences.

What if my purchase doesn't fit?

We want all our customers to be happy with their purchases which is why we recommend reading our entire return policy before you buy. Please try on new items again at home BEFORE you remove any tags. Some items are not returnable due to their intimate nature.

What is a full figure bra?

A full figure bra is uniquely designed for a fuller body frame (ie slighter wider ribcage, back or broad chest with band sizes from 34 to 44 plus) often with features such as wider shoulder straps and a wider band. Full figure often gets used to mean full busted (dd+ cup size) but brands like like Elomi and Panache offer styles that a full figured and full busted as well full figure with average bust sizes.